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Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

hello world!

The definition of a superhero is someone with extraordinary powers that protects others.  So, as moms we probably do think of ourselves as some type of superhero.   Think about it – we go to work, sew puppets for book reports, make sure there are healthy snacks for the soccer team and book time off to go to Thanksgiving lunch at school.  Having to do all of this must surely be some sort of super power and we haven’t even touched the laundry.   But, how do we stay on top of our game, being the best moms and partners we can be?  We have to take time for ourselves, to reflect, to reenergize, to restore our powers. This will allow us to continue doing what we do but also feel great while we do it.  Then, why do we feel guilty taking time for ourselves.  This is the start of my blog and what I will be focusing on is how we can move away from the mommy guilt and actually taking time, even 15 minutes a day just for us.

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