Sunday, December 15th, 2013

paying it forward with shoe repairs

This is how Susan Savage from Waco, Texas pays it forward …. Thanks for sharing Susan


Friday while at the shoe repair shop a young women came in around closing time. My shoe repair guy is really funny. He told her he could not repair her shoes and then threw them in the trash. She was shocked and said that those were her very favorite shoes. He admitted to the fact that he was just kidding with her. We then proceeded to chit chat and joke. After she left, I paid for my repair and proceeded to pay for hers as well. It wasn’t much and I’m sure she could afford paying for this herself. But it made me feel so good and it was fun thinking about what her reaction would be. And, I’m guessing, she is the type to Pay it Forward the first chance she gets. It is really rewarding no matter how small. And contagious. TRY IT!!!!!!


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