Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Star Wars light sabers with pool noodles

One of my best friends had a Star Wars themed birthday party this summer and made these great light sabers from pool noodles.   I found some very easy to follow instructions on www.spoon.com.  All you need is pool noodles, silver duct tape and black electrical tape.

pool noodle light sabers

Here’s what you do

1. Cut the noodles in half, using a sharp knife.

2. Wrap the bottom quarter in the silver duct tape.

3. Wrap 3 pieces (rings) of black electrical tape around the top of the silver duct tape.

4. Stick 2 pieces of black electrical tape under the 3 black rings.

That’s it – you can use any color pool noodle and everyone will have fun.  Quick, easy and not expensive to do.