Friday, January 17th, 2014

my new journey


This week I made a life changing decision to leave the company where I have worked for 8 years.  It was not an easy decision but it is the best thing for me and my family.  I am excited about the new journey that I am starting and also a bit nervous.   Being with the kids and spending some real quality time with them every day is going to be great. Road to petersburg alaska

I can’t imagine a day that does not have meetings and schedules and deadlines.  What does that actually feel like?  A day when each hour is my own, it is a liberating feeling.  Don’t get me wrong, the company I worked at was great – I could work from home and they understood what family time meant.  But now, it is all about me and all about my family.

Where will this road lead me next.  I am sure there are going to many bends and many new learnings.  My real passion in helping women find balance will finally be something I can focus on and I can start Personal Renewal Groups.  There will also be more time to blog so watch this space!

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