Friday, January 24th, 2014

life through the eyes of a child

Today was the first time my kids experienced school being cancelled because of the weather.  They were so excited because it had “snowed” in Austin.  Now, look at this picture – all of us will look at this and think where is the snow.  We see some ice and really that’s what it is but kids just don’t see it that way.  snowday.jpgThey were all dressed in clothes they only wear once a year when we go skiing and ready to play.  Sliding down the ice on the driveway and trying to gather enough to make a snowball.  There were a lot of laughs and they truly had a great morning.   Looking at other updates on Facebook, my fellow Austinites are saying the same thing, one even had her son trying to slide around in a cardboard box!

When they wanted to go out I first went to the mom mode of this is a great day to just stay in bed and watch a movie, I can catch up on emails and do some laundry.  Then, I thought – why?  Let me just go out and have fun with them and we did, we had a great hour outside playing with ice!  How often do we do this?   We don’t see the fun, the snow that may be there and the excitement.  So, go ahead have a snow day – it doesn’t have to be snow just be a kid for a day wherever you are and have some fun.

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