Sunday, January 26th, 2014

kids chores for each age

I think it is really important for kids to do chores.  My kids are 8 and 5 and they each have to do something at home.  It can be unpacking the dishwasher, taking out the recycling or folding towels. BeFunky_kids choresDepending on their mood, they are either really eager to do it or complain every second.  It seems the older they get the more resistant they are.

I recently found a great list of age appropriate chores that you can get your kids to do on The Happy Housewife. You may have some chores that are not on this list, feel free to add them.

Let me know if you try any of these and how your kids respond. You can find the printable list on The Happy Housewife but but below are some of the chores that captured my attention!

Toddler (ages 2-3):  pick up / put away toys, put clothes in the dirty clothes hamper, make bed

Preschooler (ages 4-5): match socks, set table, vacuum couch, feed pets

Early Elementary (ages 6-8): get mail, rake leaves, sweep, collect garbage, fold laundry

Elementary (ages 9-11): make simple meals, take garbage to the curb, wash / dry clothes, clean toilets

Middle School (ages 12-14): mow yard, clean out fridge / freezer, make full meals, supervise younger children’s chores