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Monday, September 8th, 2014

what gets you out of bed in the morning

I know we all have to physically get up in the morning, whether it is getting ready for work or getting the kids out the door for school.  This is why we get up but what is your actual drive.  When you open your eyes in the morning do you look forward to the day ahead and maybe there is that special something that drives you to want to start the day.

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It becomes so easy for us to get stuck in our routines every day and I am not saying that they are not great routines.  Maybe with the change of seasons – Fall in some places and Spring starting in other parts of the world, this could be an ideal time to really reflect on our drive, happiness levels and what would make us have that bounce in our step again.


Is it loving the work you do or knowing you are making a real difference in your kids’ life.  Could it be the thought of the walk you are going to take in the fresh morning sunlight or maybe meeting some great friends for lunch.


So, here’s my challenge to your.  Take 10 minutes this week and just think about it.  Do you know what gets you out of bed in the morning?  It’s not too late to find out.

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Saturday, September 6th, 2014

around the world and back again

That’s how I feel – this year has been full of so many changes that I do think I started off in one place, looped all over but have finally settled.  And, it is a great feeling to know where you want to be physically and emotionally.  We have recently moved to a wonderful little village outside Rochester, called Pittsford.  It has been a nightmare of a move and more stressful than our move 3 years ago from South Africa to Austin.

After going back and forth with so many ideas and passions of what I want to do I asked myself a few questions:

  • what makes me really happy
  • what do I not want to be doing
  • how do I want to be spending my days
  • what are my priorities
  • what are my strengths

So, it ends up that I do love writing and family is still number one for me.  I also know I have a natural ability to organize everything and actually enjoy doing it BUT this doesn’t mean that self-care isn’t important.  My blog will continue and so will my Personal Renewal Groups but I am also doing workshops for moms on being more organized.  All in all its a little bit of everything and a lot of happiness on my end!!  The sky is definitely looking clearer :-).

friday reflections

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