Saturday, September 6th, 2014

around the world and back again

That’s how I feel – this year has been full of so many changes that I do think I started off in one place, looped all over but have finally settled.  And, it is a great feeling to know where you want to be physically and emotionally.  We have recently moved to a wonderful little village outside Rochester, called Pittsford.  It has been a nightmare of a move and more stressful than our move 3 years ago from South Africa to Austin.

After going back and forth with so many ideas and passions of what I want to do I asked myself a few questions:

  • what makes me really happy
  • what do I not want to be doing
  • how do I want to be spending my days
  • what are my priorities
  • what are my strengths

So, it ends up that I do love writing and family is still number one for me.  I also know I have a natural ability to organize everything and actually enjoy doing it BUT this doesn’t mean that self-care isn’t important.  My blog will continue and so will my Personal Renewal Groups but I am also doing workshops for moms on being more organized.  All in all its a little bit of everything and a lot of happiness on my end!!  The sky is definitely looking clearer :-).

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