Monday, February 8th, 2016

a letter to my son as he heads off to college

My Dear Boy

When I hear you talk about going to college and wanting to be an Engineer I am so happy and proud of you.  To think that you have set these goals for yourself without any pushing or persuading from me or your Dad.

You want to go to NYU and I think that is great, it is only 6 hours away.  You promise me that you will be home every weekend.  My heart is already breaking and my eyes fill with tears as I think of not having you at home every day.  Not having you to make breakfast for, to take to sports practice and to help with homework.  Not having you who cares about me when I have a cold and try to make me breakfast in bed.  Not having you to say good night to and to leave a kiss on your forehead.

Without you around the house will be empty and quiet.  I will miss your laughter, your stomping feet when you’re angry and your smile as you walk through the front door after school. I will miss your negotiation skills when you want something and most of all I will miss you still wanting to cuddle next to me.

The only consolation I have is that I will still have 11 more years of looking after you before you take those first steps to college.  After all you are only in First Grade.  Keep dreaming your big dreams my baby boy, I am here for you and I always will be.

Love always,




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