Monday, February 8th, 2016

are you living life to the fullest

Post from a year ago – I recently lost my older brother very unexpectedly and the hurt and sadness was so deep and so painful.  He was an amazing person, a great dad, husband and uncle to my kids.  What happened at his funeral and in the days that followed was so uplifting.  His wife and I received so many emails, Facebook messages, texts, calls etc. from people who not only were shocked by the news but also shared with us how he has touched their lives.   Each person had a story to share.

His funeral was a mix of being extremely sad and then laughing as each person remembered him as someone who lived life to the fullest.  He did so many things, helped so many people and traveled to so many places that many of us would only dream of.

I haven’t posted a blog this entire week because I have been trying to get some meaning coming out of the grief.  My life has been forever affected and there will be a broken part that I don’t think will ever heal.  My brother always gave me the most sound advice and I have finally realized the message he wants me to hear is the importance of living life to the fullest.  He has left a legacy of being a good guy but also someone who lived each day to the fullest.  I know I don’t do that and I am sure so many of us don’t either.  We get caught up in the daily grind and cycle of kids, chores, work etc. and we forget to laugh, to cherish the simple moments of happiness.  Each of us owe it to ourselves to not allow a sad moment or loss to make us realize we need to be living in the moment.  Just for this week, try it and I am sure you will feel lighter and full of love.

Rest in peace my beloved brother Nadir,  I will love you forever.  At least I know my baby boy Mohammed now has someone to make him laugh in heaven.