Monday, February 8th, 2016

it’s not always about improving yourself

Renee Trudeau is someone I truly admire for her insights on self-care and life.  She recently published a newsletter talking about what self-care is not and one of the key things that stood out for me is that self-care is not about constantly trying to improve yourself.

We set these goals and expectations for ourselves whether it’s how to look better, eat better, be more physically fit etc. etc. etc.  While these are great activities to have in our life,  we also need to just be comfortable with who we are right now.  I am the first to admit that I am constantly feeling like I need to lose more weight, be a better mom, go to the gym more, make healthier meals and make sure I keep my family’s life in order.  It definitely is all about making things better all the time and it is exhausting.

As moms, as women, as people we should start taking time to just be.  Just accepting ourselves for who we are.  Not only will this bring us more inner peace but imagine the role-models we can be for young girls who are constantly trying to change themselves.

In the words of Renee, “you are not a self-improvement project….. it’s about meeting yourself where you are with a soft and open heart” – this is my new mantra.


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