Sunday, February 14th, 2016

embracing diversity through kids’ books…

bookplantMy adventures in being a mom often has me questioning the inclusiveness of the environments that our kids are part of – this could be their circle of friends, school or sports.  More often than not we find ourselves in the least diverse neighborhoods (reasons for that would be another very long blog….).  We all want our kids to feel included but what does that actually mean?  In our home from a young age we talked to the kids about acknowledging and embracing differences whether it is their own or ones that havent yet touched their lives.  This had made some impact on them in different ways including my soon to be 11-year old who has started chosing books that reflect who she is and what her history is all about.

Books can be great in starting a dialogue with kids.  I know when you go to the bookstore or library kids will often select those books that they are reading in class, are currently a TV series or that all their friends are reading.  That’s great – anything to get them to enjoy reading!  But, here’s an idea, why not select for them a few books about the diverse world they are part of?  A world that with technology is becoming smaller.  As a start you may want to take a look at this list by Groundwood Books – Celebrating a Diverse World through Children’s Books and maybe encourage your school library to purchase a few of them.

If you have come across other great titles feel free to share them on this blog post with other readers.