Monday, March 7th, 2016

never too late to take a different road…

No matter where you are in the world – summer is either coming to an end or spring is about to start- either way a new season is starting and the world around us is to starting to change once again.  This could be a perfect time for you to consider what you really would want to be doing in life right now and what is stopping you.  The road you are on could be steady and safe and filled with family, friends and love. But, is there something you have thought about trying but didn’t have the courage to do it?   A career change?  A start of a new fitness program? Maybe even starting a blog?  Have your friends all told you that you were really good at something and you could make a business or career out of it? What is stopping you?  We so easily fall into our routine and it’s predictable and keeps up moving from one day to another.  When did we stop living life to the fullest, full of all the adventure we wanted.  Waking up with excitement of a new day and new beginnings – stepping out of routine.

If you can’t make the big change right now, why not start small. Research what would you need to do to adapt the journey you are currently on.  Is there anything you can do while still continuing on your current path?   Sometimes that’s all it takes, the first step on that new road.IMG_0396

I know of 65 year-old woman finishing her Masters,  stay at home moms who have become fitness consultants and a corporate executive with a love for nature, started volunteering at a park. Small or big steps – you can always change the road you are on.  Supermoms, take the risk, have the courage, look at the road ahead and decide do you want to stay on the current course or venture off to a new horizon.


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