Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

How you can help women around the world

Chances are you have purchased from a Fair Trade store and may not even know it.   Does it really make a difference if you do purchase Fair Trade?  How can you, just one person impact a woman in India or Kenya or Guatemala just by purchasing a scarf for $15.00.  As a Supermom I always look at ways in which I can support other moms or small businesses.  I have nothing against the big retail stores and I do shop at some of them when I need to. However, when I have the opportunity of supporting a small business, then that is the route I go and I encourage you to do the same.

So, how do you help people by purchasing Fair Trade products.  Fair Trade is an approach to business and to development based on dialogue, transparency and respect that seeks to create equity in the international trading  system.  In simple terms it’s a way to help people in many countries who don’t have access to a market to promote and sell their goods.  Not only are you assisting the one person who created the product, but in many of these countries that 1 person is supporting a multitude of people.  You could be supporting a family of 10 with your $15.00 scarf purchase.

asia-slide1How would it feel knowing that when you purchased a bowl, a toy, chess board or jewelry that you have helped educate people on the need for reforestation to enable the products to be available for years to come and offer a sustainable income for generations.  Or the few dollars you spend at a Fair Trade store instead of a large retail chain promotes employment by training unskilled craftspeople, and by assisting the independent artisans through the introduction of new designs and a new market.  I am sure you would love to know that some jewelry you bought for $20.00 has improved educational programs for women in India and sent their girls to school.

It may sound very “save the world” but you can make a difference – every small act of thoughtfulness does impact africa-slidemany.   I’ve recently launched an online Fair Trade store and of course I would love you to be one of my customers.  Whether you visit my store or any other Fair Trade store I encourage you to do so and I know you will be hooked- both by the beautiful handcrafted products and by the knowledge that you are making a significant difference.  My store Worthy Origins is about being part of the journey of creating possibilities for others.  Wouldn’t you want to contribute to this journey of creating possibilities?




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