Saturday, November 18th, 2017

How many times can you press restart?

Is there an expiration date to when you can restart your life path.  At some point should you accept where you are in life and start living in the moment.  Does living in the moment mean accepting the life you have.   Does someone at the age of 30 or 40 have the ok to restart their life but not at the age of 50 or 60 or even 70?  Who decides….

My message to you – it is never too late to press that restart button.  You and you alone own your destiny and you can change it and adapt it as you move along in this world.   What we thought we wanted to do at age 20 is probably not where we are at age 40 and where we are in the world at 50 is maybe not where we want to be at 70.   We live longer and many women into their 70’s are living life to the fullest – full of adventure, laughter and the freedom to soar.  There is no limitation to when you want to start a new business or move back into the Corporate world – what is it that you want to do right now?


I am 42 and I have restarted so many parts of my life – professionally and personally and guess what?  I don’t regret any of the changes I have made.  As I got older my focus did change and I started putting myself first and thinking more about what brought me joy.  People often ask me why have you lived in so many places?  How have your kids adapted?  Are you ready to settle down now?  In my life it is not about settling down.  Having the courage to restart has made me and my kids able to live and manage through change.  It has expanded our views of the world and ourselves. Ignore the naysayers and make a change!  Don’t worry about what others will think, do what feels right and what will bring abundance into your life right now.

The thing is if  you don’t take risks and press restart and choose a different path how will you know.   There are no guarantees anything will work out the way we planned but at least you tried and you don’t continue your journey with a number of what if’s.


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