Monday, November 25th, 2013

About Me

Hi! I am Rubiena,  Mom to an 11 year old very opinionated, passionate, brilliant, loving daughter and my 8 year old busy, full of laughs and sometimes exhausting little boy.  Married for 19 years to an amazing husband and very hands on Dad. Downside is he is travels alot so many solo days with the busy kids and their schedules.

I have enjoyed travelling to many countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and have lived in the U.S.A. and South Africa.  After many years of travelling and living abroad we have returned back to our home, Toronto.

rubienawhitejktI have worked in the corporate sector for IT Multinationals for over 15 years. Now I  join the many moms who manage spending the day with their kids while also running my own business as a writer, life coach and speaker.   Take a look at the Personal Renewal Groups where you can join other women on the journey to self-care or drop me a line if you want to chat about having Supermom Adventures as a speaker at your next event.

I am very interested in taking those steps to a more balanced approach to life.  That’s the secret of being a Supermom – making sure you have the time for yourself with all the to do’s you have.   My blog will focus on how us moms can make sure we find the time for ourselves so we can continue being Supermoms!

Being more balanced and refueling ourselves places us in better state of mind which always has a positive impact on the entire family.  If you feel good so will your family!!

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