Saturday, November 19th, 2016

Event Speaker

How often do you hear the conversations from other women about everything they are trying to manage and even though it seems too much to handle they get it all done.  I have been the full-time working mom, the work from home mom and the stay at home mom – I understand and can appreciate all the hesitations we have, the doubt in our abilities and the high demands we place on ourselves.  The questioning on how can I be a Supermom / Superwoman.

Booking Supermom Adventures at your next conference, team building, community gathering or even get together with friends is an opportunity for all women to realize that they already are Superwomen.  They will hear insights on being more aware of what part of their journey they are already on and celebrating the everyday achievements all women are making.  Topics covered can include trying to find more balance, the corporate world (glass ceilings and gender bias), raising kids as a single parents and even discussing why more women don’t support each other.

I have spoken at events ranging from large conferences to small intimate women’s groups and look forward to being part of your next event to share my story and the stories of so many other women with you.   We are all Superwomen!

Rubiena Duarte 2017