Friday, September 16th, 2016


What is Reiki

Reiki is an ancient technique for reducing stress, promoting relaxation and encouraging the body into a balanced and healed state of well-being.  It is a gentle, subtle, yet powerful energy healing art that involves our spiritual level, mind and body.

Illness forms in the body as a result of imbalances that occur in your energy field.   Through a Reiki session our bodies can replenish, repair and remove blockages that can be damaged or distressed.   A Reiki session also assists with clearing Chakra blockages.

reikiReiki is safe while trying to conceive, during pregnancy and after the baby is born.  It is calm and soothing and beneficial for babies and children.

Distance Reiki

If you live in a different city or country you can still benefit from these Reiki sessions.   This is also useful for those that have a busy schedule and prefer a treatment that is done virtually.

Learning Reiki

Whether you are thinking of becoming a Reiki practitioner or just learning Reiki to use on yourself and your family, let me help you start this journey. Start with Reiki I, II and Advanced. If you are interested in teaching others that advance to the next level as a Reiki Master.

Booking a Session

Please contact me at for more information on the Reiki sessions, fees or any other questions you have.